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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is the first day of september and we thank you for joining us. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> you are not used to the september cool. >> i am not. i was surprised. mike? >> cooler out there. a lack of clouds allowed to us drop to comfortable level. the clouds are developing along the coast. drizzle through the morning commute. the winds have not picked up yet. the flags are not unfurled but they will be. that will take the heat away from us. 54 to 62 is the 7:00 spread. by noon, we are sunny but the coast is 66 to 78 and close to average at 66 at the coast and 84 inland to round out the day planner with a comfortable
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evening at 64 at coast to 76. is the commute comfortable? >> it looks like it. good morning, everyone, at 5:00, on this first day of september, my goodness, time is flying. if you are headed along the bridge into san francisco the bay bridge, as we move over here, you can see the toll plaza if a document of -- couple of minutes. the transbay tube closes fr through monday is have plans in place. >> the parents of the pay area woman killed in the pier 14 shooting are holding a news conference today to announce they are taking steps against san francisco and the federal government. our reporter is in the newsroom with the details. janet? >> kate steinle's family will file a claim at 11 o'clock this morning against those they say are responsible no her death. the move comes almost two months after kate steinle was murdered on pier 14. acussed killer francisco sanchez
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has pleaded not guilty. sanchez is mexican immigrant deported five times from the up. the family is filing a claim against several agencies including federal immigration and customs enforcement, united states bureau of land management, the gun allegedly used was stolen from a blm agent's car. the sheriff mirkarimi has also been nailed in the chairman for releasing sanchez from jail despite claims frommic he -- from i.c.e. he be turned over. it is a claim about awaying their daughter. and more. >> it is too late for us. that ship has sailed. we want it for future people. we want it for future possible victims. we have to put an end to it. >> spokesman for sheriff said he cannot comment on potential litigation but adds he continues to extend his sympathy to the family for their loss.
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>> it is almost 5:03. happening today the san jose city council will debate a bill that with cap represent increases making it tougher to evict renters. matt? >> rents are increasing and incomes are not keeping up so today the city of san jose is looking at what to do with the residents control units. here are the numbers. the city of san jose said that the average represent in 2010 was $1,450 a month. this year, $2,2275 month, a 54 percent increase as the median income has increased by 11 percent. san jose department rent ordinance was approved by the city in 1979 and has not changed. 35 percent of the occupied renters are subject to
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rule saying they cannot raise represents more than percent a year and give 60 days notice if they are doing a no cause eviction and and not raise to market levels for the next renter. a question is the 8 percent too high compared to the income which is lower. landlords are concerned if you lower the rent, it makes it difficult to pay for the spends of the represents a.m. property such as maintenance and operation, and possibly leading to run down properties. the city council is debating how to move forward. the goal is to have a plan to vote on by december. today's meeting starts at 11 1:30. >> the mobile of a mobile home park has rejected an offer to purchase the park for affordable housing. a letter filed bit owners said decision was influenced by a lawsuit that was filed by the
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mobile home park residents association seeking to reverse the city council decision to close the prosecute along with the package of reelection assistance benefits for residents with would be displaced. >> in the south bay police are investigating a homicide in east san jose. officers found a man suffering from a stab wound in the area last night. he died at the scene. the victim's name will be released when the family is notified. police have made no arrests and they are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> developing news from uc berkeley where a health warning is given after a cal student tested positive and could have exposed others and placed in isolation. he or she was active on campus last week. last week. the unidentified student if you have not been vaccinated by measles, did so immediately.
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amy hollyfield is on the campus with student reaction next half hour. >> after experiencing several years of lower crime rates, richmond is seeing an increase in murders and shootings ask robberies where homicides doubled, at 12 compared to six at the same time last year. our mediaen pas also report that robberies are up 21 percent and shootings have jumped 17 percent. police blame the spike on the transfer of nonviolent criminals from state prisons to local jails. >> berkeley's embattled library director has stepped down submitting the resignation yesterday. the tenure was marked by rallies and roasts over the library system's policy of weeding out books, dealed "outdated," from the collection. a sent for a new director with policies more compatible where the community have been launched. >> state department staff have complained about the limitation of using e-mails to discuss sensitive diplomatic matters. that is according to the batch
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of hick anything's e-mails released by the federal government from the time she served as secretary of state. more than 7,000 pages were made public yesterday. >> thousands people are without power in phoenix, after monsoon storms roll through the area. gusts were measured at almost 17 miles per hour. the storms caused flash road asking long delays at phoenix sky harbor international airport. it damaged the roof of a terminal. local firefighters say that the crews spending to more than 400 calls over two hours for stranded motorists, car crashes and downed power lines. >>ing for leak that here, just cooler temperatures. >> absolutely. we could get drizzle the next couch nights but that would be near the coast and maybe in the hills. good morning, inland east bay neighborhoods, a look at the temperature, bets are sleeping weather, san ramon, dublin, pleasanton, 57, and blackhawk is 58, and lafayette 58,
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pleasanton -- rather, we have brentwood and antioch at 60 and pittsburg at 63 degrees. elsewhere, 60 in shay -- vallejo, 54 in santa rosa, and half moon bay waking up to 61. headed to los gatos dress for 54 and mountain view and hayward at 59 and san jose 60. if san rafael, pretty clear as far as fog but the clouds are starting to roll in. by the afternoon hours they will rock back to the coast keeping you at 65 for 72 in san francisco and 89 in the east bay and around the bay, 71 foe 80 headed to the south bay. not going to be so common as it was yesterday for the ferry whether in the morning or the afternoon, the breezes are faster, the temperatures are cooler when and thursday and an update on the heat coming this weekend. >> feeling to they in the right spot, sonoma is blazing.
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the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is funneling nicely with no problems. we do have an issue in novato, southbound side of 101, we have an accident involving a solo spinout, so we have one lane blocked and facing the wrong direction. an active scene and c.h.p. is headed drought right now and mostly you can see top speeds as you head in the southbound direction into novato and further to marin and northbound traffic, too. if the travels take you along highway 37 beyond the sonoma raceway and up 121, you are in wonderful shape. >> a bay area business group is call on caltran to open up a third eastbound lane on the richmond-san rafael bridge in the afternoons. >> a top official with the council said the eastbound lane needs to be open as soon as possible to alleviate commuter traffic. transportation officials say opening the third lane would involve an environmental study which could take time, a long type, next, a bill intry duesed
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by the assembly man with push caltrain to on the rains by the end of the month. >> butter is making a comeback at the golden arches. >> pg&e face as new fine, a security breach that has the utility giant in trouble. >> pope francis as we have never seen him before, the pontiff is reaching out to the masses in a different way. >> checking out things outside, our exploritorium camera in san francisco, looking at the bay bridge, eastward, and stay on top of weather and traffic and keeping tabs on your screen keeping tabs on your screen
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:therapy on tuesday. a look at our emeryville camera. looking west at the eastern span of the bay bridge where traffic is humming along. a if time to hit the roads in that is your direction of travel. the state fined pg&e $50,000 for not peeving up security at a substation attacked and burglarized. the california public utilities commission said that pg&e has not done enough to keep the station secure in violation of state law. in 2013 someone shot and damned 17 transformers. it did $15 million in damage. august last year someone broke into the subbization and stole $40,000 in equipment. >> a federal judge could rule
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today on new england quarterback tom brady's suspension in the deflate-gate scandal. he was in new york courtroom yesterday for a meeting with the junk along with the nfl missioner. missioner. good tell and knowing it. >> there was a virtual audience with pope francis from the vatican. [ singing lat [. >> a chicago teen took part struggling with a rare skin disorder which she is bullied. the pontiff asked the 17-year-old girl, valley, to sing when she said music is how she copes with bullying. technology and the translation linked the pope to americans in chicago, and texas and los
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angeles. the pope spoke to a system mother and her daughters in los angeles. >> he is nice. kind. i wanted to speak to the pope. there i was just fog to the pope. >> pope francis will meet americans in person when he visits washington, dc, philadelphia, and new york city later this month. coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00, we will hear in -- from the >> more on the pope and his virtual american audience on friday at 10:00 right here. >> and ama daetz will travel to washington, dc for the united states visit of pope francis and will canonize a father on september 23 who established california's missions, of course. 280 you can see, mike the pointing fingers of there. >> we will point to walnut creek
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and show you it is hazy. it is not so cloudy the next couple of nights. as far as the forecast, breezy and cooler start to september. the next couple of nights, gray with patchy drizzle enhancing the cooling in the afternoon but it will not last through the weekend and sunshine and surging warmth as we head through the close of summer. can you not see san francisco because of the developing marine layer and cloud deck. seven miles visibility at half moon bay and seven in hayward. it is not so thick we have a reduction in visibility but it is a sign that our weather is on the move. our temperatures are on the decline. especially compared to yesterday. low-to-mid 80s for cupertino, los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and the rest of us in the south bay upper 50's like 78 in milpitas and santa clara and up the peninsula we start at 79 in los altos and 78 in mountain view and redwood city and millbrae is 72 and along the coast more cloud cover than
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yesterday, keeping the temperatures down a couple of degrees, 67 at half moon bay, and 65 at daly city, colma, and low 70s around downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito, and bodega bay, mid-to-upper 60s. closer to average. low-to-mid 80s through the north bay valley with 84, a warm spot, in santa rosa to calistoga at 85 and vallejo is the exception at 76. hercules is 75, oakland is 74, and fremont is about 78 and inland, in the 50s right now, and cool air in the house close it up head to work come back home and it will be fine. mid-to-upper 80s today. at the game this evening, delightful as last evening at 67, at 7:00, and a couple of degrees cooler. here is the low tonight, cloud cover is more numerous with a sprinkle of green here and there and that is how patchy the drizzle is, mid-50 to low 60s. we are watching a trough, the one that will come down and as
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the cool air sinks south, look what it does to the temperatures, in my seven-day forecast. wednesday and thursday, the coolest and the most breezy with the breezes tapering and the temperatures warm on friday. look at 70's at the coast and 80s and 90s for us. >> bart on time, and a.c. transit no delays and in walnut creek, that is 680 southbound. the tail lights are headed to main street and toward highway 24 we are looking clear with no accidents to report. northbound traffic, breezy, into pleasanton and highway 24 at top speeds with the area indicated in white indicating cloud cover in the area and not fining so much nicaragua but we will check in with meteorologist mike nicco to see if in are patches of fog impeding the visibility at work this morning. lafayette into orinda, all at top speed and no problems. in novato, though, we have an
5:19 am
accident southbound side where we have a solo spinout with the car face the wrong way. as you can see, plenty of green and no slow downs. >> wall street hopes to reverse last month's huge losses. here is america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's minute hoping to recoup the lost on wall street, worried about the chinese economy and the interest rate. analysts expect september to be stormy were. >> labor day travel efforts will see falling gas prices and the average price a gallon is $2.51. >> thank you is down 13 cents from last week and nearly a dollar cheaper than this time last year. >> finally, another change at mcdonald's and this is coming to the egg mcmuffin. the lick red margarine used to make the sandwich is now replaced by real butter. imagine that, real stuff, real
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butter. switch is made in other give bread product. >> cannot believe it was not butter. >> have a great day. >> have a great day. >> the real thing is back. >> carpenter has a solution to his brother's big problem. >> meet a man who decided to become the pain attraction during his vacation in new york city. city. stay tuned. hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry!
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>> here are seven things to know before you go: number one, a health warning has been given after a cal student test the positive for measles and may have exposes others. the unidentify student was isolated over the weekend but on campus and public transportation last week. the campus and city officials are warning anyone who has not been vaccinated for the measles to do so immediately. >> family of kate steinle has filed claims against those they believe are responsible for her death including a federal immigration and customs and blm and also named, san francisco sheriff mirkarimi. >> three, classes resume this morning at two schools in los gatos a day a fire caused $1 million in damage. a 17-year-old has admitted to set the fire telling investigator as group of friends went to smoke pot near loma prieta elementary and set a cardboard box on fire to stay warm. >> check out the weather window
5:24 am
from the east bay hills cam remarks can you not see much in the way of lights because the marine layer is back and it will bring us cooler and breezy weather to start september. but i still have hot temperatures for the holiday weekend coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> five, as you look at san jose, highway 101 right near 880 and travels there are much better than yesterday, i can tell you that much. we do future have any accidents in the south bay but with we are speaking about is the transbay tube closure for bart riders headed out of the east bay. >> more than 7,000 e-mails great hillary clinton have been released dug her time at secretary of state. the newly released batch of messages included come pains from staffers of the limitations of maim when it came to discussing sensitive diplomatic matters. >> a heartbreaking loss for the giants in 14-inning marathon against the dodgers where gonzalez hitting r.b.i. single giving the dodgers the win at
5:25 am
5-4 and dodgers have 4 1/2 game lead over the >> carpenter aprentice build a house for his brog who did not want to pay represent. the 19-year-old and his 20-year-old brother scoured the intent for ideas and decided to build this house. he did not use any blueprints but it has pine walls and tile and cork flooring. the house so small a foundation is not required. it is mounted on a trailer for halling cars. >> after we did the finishing touches, with the blinds and-esque, and it feels like home. >> home is 232 square foot including the loft. >> england's queen is ready to makeshift. in a week, the 89-year-old will officially become the longest
5:26 am
raining monarch in british history. september 9 she will have ruled for 63 years and 216 days, sure passion the record set by her great great grandmother queen victoria more than a century ago. they are issuing commemorative silver coins selling between $30 to $64,000 each so there is something in the price range for everyone. >> and turning heads on a trip to new york, logan shot votes of him doing splits to get funny reaction and most ignored him. >> he is a rising star on social media, he has more than eight million followers and 500,000 on twitter with this word on how many pairs of shores were torn in the process. >> a nicey distraction coming to your neighborhood at 5:30 what is happening high in the skies that will keep the family safe.
5:27 am
apreventing tragedy on the track, the work get underway in palo alto to keep train riders and previouses out of harm's way. the san mateo breeze shows the san mateo breeze shows traffic zipping right
5:28 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is september 1st already, 5:29. thank you pore joining us on this tuesday. i am christian. >> where has 2015 gone. >> it is cooler as you step identified to morning. mike? refreshing start to the morning. good morning as we look at live doppler hd, we do have the man layer developing a thousand' and clouds are rolling into the bay but no fog to speak of and you can see the winds are light open our camera here as we look to the ferry building.
5:30 am
the freezes will pick up and be not so hot. we are in the mid-50s to low 60s through 7:00 hour. we stay in the my 60s at the coast, low-to-upper 70s around the bay and inland at noon and refreshing, 74 to 84 around the bay and inland at 4:00 and everyone in the 60s and 70s, a nice evening. everyone is keeping calm to the eastern span of the bay bridge and eight minutes will get you cross the bridge between the macarthur maze and san francisco. we will look at what is turning out to be this morning, we are starting to see more cars trickling in from the another bay but the metering lights have not been turned on. here is where we have debris if the lane, causing delays on when 580 and the backup as we look to tracy at 14 miles an hour, is the top speed the an hour to get you from tracy to dublin. >> 5:30, state and local health officials are trying to get the worth out to that official who
5:31 am
may have been exposed to meeters by a student in isolation now, but not before making the rounds on campus, as well as public transportation. abc7 reporter is in berkeley. amy? >> yes, now they have to figure out, where that student went and who he or she exposed to the measles. they do know that the patient did ride the a.c. transit because opened monday and left campus, another area of the community that has been exposed. it was the 25a because h bus bus on monday at 330. the virus can linger in the air for two hours. a number of people could have been exposed on the bus route and it would be five more days before being detected so new people exposed could be high and in question. it makes some students feel vulnerable. >> close quarters.
5:32 am
highly contagious. terrifying. >> encouraging students here to get vaccinated if they are not were if they feel any symptoms, at all, you could have the measles, contacts your health provider right away. they are pointing out if you are thing of getting vaccinated, it protects 99 percent of people who are exposed to the measles virus. >> more on the symptoms, they usually appear seven to 18 daze after being exposed, what for fever, runny nose, cough, red areas and sore threat and you may feel very tired. you will get spots in your mouth followed by a rash all over. >> crash sent a pedestrian to the hospital. it happened before 9:00 last night on eastbound el camino
5:33 am
real with two lanes blocked for the investigation. the pedestrian is expected to survive. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating where the police. >> developing news in san francisco, where investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire that damned two houses. firefighters tweeted this video from the scene at clayton and ashbury. >> classes resume at two will schools in leg after a -- in los gatos after $1 million in damage. a 17-year-old admitted set the fire. a group of teams went to smoke marijuana at loma prieta school but no one had pot so they set a fire in the garage can to stay warm. >> the family of kate steinle begins a legal battle seeking justice for their daughter the
5:34 am
she was shot on pier 14 in july. family is filing a claim against those they say are responsible for her death. her accused killer francisco sanchez was deported from the united states five times. her mother plain those -- flames those who allowed him to walk free. we do not need violent felons here. >> the agencies included in the claim are federal immigration and customs enforcement and the united states burrow of land management. the gonna francisco sanchez is accused of using was stolen from a blm agent's car and also anywayed san francisco sheriff mirkarimi would released sanchez from jail in april. he declined a request from i.c.e. that sanchez be turned over. >> happening now, san jose police are asking for help to find a missing 679-year-old-- with a disease last see on
5:35 am
sunday by her son at street. she could be wearing a san francisco 49ers hat. call miss if you see her. thailand's prime minister said that the man suspected in last in's deadly bomb attack in the capital has been arrested. the blast tore through a religious shrine in bangkok august 17. the suspect was arrested at a check point on the border with cambodia. officials say he is a phoner, the second suspect arrested. it is the worse system mass casualty attack in thai land. >> represent control and affordable housing are the hot topic at the city council meeting beefing up the represent control law including eviction protection. according to the city officials rents have shot up 54 percent in five years and right now the average apartment in san jose is $2,200 a month an increase of $800 since 2010.
5:36 am
matt keller will have a report at 6:00 a.m. on the proposal. ahomeless encampments have been popping up in place those have never been seen before including set up in the middle of the night behind commercial buildings and along highway. the most troubling encampment is right behind their homes. >> they have had sex and kids come by each day on the weekends, coming in on their bikes. >> concerns have been voiced to a city council member, with new encampments popping up because of last december's shut down "the jungle," the notorious hopeless encampment. half received housing vouchers and thors dispersed. >> new details image in a you have length confrontation between bicyclists and a driver during critical mass in san
5:37 am
francisco. >> we are not going anywhere. no. no. >> video posted shows the bicyclist hitting a zipcar with a u-lock. san francisco police have assigned an investigator to look into the incident on friday. they work with zipcar to fine the driver and locate the bicyclist to get both sides of the story. >> work begins on a pilot program to make the caltrain rail corridor safer. palo alto and caltrain are taking aggressive measures to prevent suicide. palo alto will install cameras that can detect object as mile away at the meadow avenue crossing for two months. they will install 8' high fences to make them more difficult to climb. >> we turn things over to meteorologist mike nicco for those sending your kids to school. maybe a light jacket. >> heavier than yesterday and
5:38 am
into in rohnert park, novato at june, and we have mid-50s in guerneville and santa rosa and petaluma at 54 and mill valley at 56 and 60 if san rafael, and vallejo at 62 and american canyon at 61 and napa at 6 a, the warmer temperatures where you live, at 58 if lafayette, and san ramon at 57, and cupertino is 56, and newark is 59 and 60s near brentwood and san jose is 60 along with redwood city and half moon bay and san francisco at 61 and alameda at 62, the parent layer has not made it to the east bay hills and you look at 24, it is pretty clear. most of the clouds will be at the coast and spilling over parts of san francisco. not is bright as year. the peninsula continues out at 78 and same around the east bay, topping out at 80 and inland east bay 87 and the north bay is 84. it will be breezy this afternoon and nothing like the cool breezes tomorrow and thursday with the coolest afternoon in the forecast and it stars to
5:39 am
warm friday and wait until i he you the heat this weekend. that is up next. >> here is a look at the san mateo bridge and the drive is only taking you 11 minutes to get define 880 and highway 101 on the peninsula. the neighbor to the south, dumbarton moving at top speeds and the map, the white is application we have cloud cover and we are not finding dense fog impeding visibility as you drive to work or school but we have cloud cover as mike has been telling us. we do have some problems around the bay area, and the first problem is this, wood debris in the lanes blocking a couple of lanes slowing things down and you can see the backup coming out of tracy as you head away from racy boulevard up to the dublin interchange now we are looking closer to an hour and ten minutes so minute by minute you are looking at more time tacked on to the commute. >> next, equal pay for equal work, the new protection women
5:40 am
in california are about to get to help them close the pay gap. >> egg about this restaurant is different. >> a different approach to dining, what makes this new san francisco restaurant unlike any other. >> a look outside right now showing you highway 87 in san showing you highway 87 in san jose with traffic moving right choose, choose, choose.
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:43. happening today, actually, the federal government will be tested radiation, using helicopters fly across the bay area, and the national nuclear security administration will use the data to improve radiation and nuclear detection technology. the testing starts in san francisco which is what you are look at and will continue through friday with testing in berkeley and pacifica. >> authorities are investigating if someone placed poison meatballs on a san francisco street, a dog walker reported seeing a plate with meatballs left at corner of san diego and 46th. the plate disappeared before the workers with animal control could analyze them. hundreds of meatballs tainted with rat poison have been found in san francisco the past couple of years. california senate approved a bill strengthening the equal pay
5:44 am
policy. the measure now heads to the governor for signing. the state already has some laws to prohibit businesses from paying women less for doing the same work as male colleagues. this bill aims to close the remaining gap and said woke musten paid equally for doing substantially similar work. employers have to prove they employers have to prove they were paying a hand -- >> the c.e.o. of your said she is pregnant with tins. it is a surprise, she said because she and her family have no history of twins. she is named by for tune and "forbes" magazine as the most powerful women in the world and said show has plans on only taking a few weeks of leave. >> a new restaurant is open in san francisco. it is anything but ordinary. >> you would be hard resolutioned on find anyone working there, a company that
5:45 am
rhymes with pizza welcomed customers yesterday. the concept employs tech to take orders. no cashiers, no wait staff. >> you swipe the card before ordering on the screen and you pick up the freshly prepared food. there are biggen fares. >> don't have to worry about a look or customizing your order and i like that. >> being picky is not a remember nor a machine. >> in judgment. >> in judgment. >> it sevens this is a human person to guide you. >> if you are a warriors fan you do not have to drive far with the opening preson game october a at first tickets on sale to son
5:46 am
ticket holders. the first 10,000 fans get a bobblehead of steph curry. >> if you thought win was tough, repeating is a nightmare. >> still going to play. >> and we will repeat. just say. >> it will be harder. >> speaking harder, it could be harder to get up this morning because of the conditions. here is sfo, partly cloudy and 60, right now, possibility of delays out there as the clouds are developing along the coast and shooting through the gap as we speak. clouds are hovering over the golden gate bridge with wind at 12 miles per hour and 61 degrees. new month means the pattern is not so warm. more clouds the next couple mights and drizzle is possible. by the weekend, it is going to be summer hot. any chance of drizzle along with
5:47 am
those clouds and along the coast the next threw hours and moments of us will be dry, and you can see the late arriving clouds proposal not making into the inland east bay so by 10:00 or 11 o'clock going at the coast where they will be sticky more than yesterday pause of the developing sea breeze. 60s and 70s and 80s from the cost and an the bay and inland and the breezes while they are light this morning expect them to pick up in double digits around san francisco, oakland, and napa by lunch and all of us dealing with 10-20 miles per hour wind headed into the evening. what that does to our temperatures, below average at 9 in san jose and upper 70s in santa clara and low-to-mid 80s elsewhere. on the peninsula, 72 in millbrae and we hid the mid-to-upper 70s from san mateo to los altos, mid-to-upper 60s loop the coast today with the sunsetting at 67 and more sunshine and downtown is 70 and south san francisco is 72 and sausalito in define at 71.
5:48 am
and vallejo at 76 and low-to-mid 80s and 74 in oakland, newark and union city at 77. inland, 85 in walnut creek and pittsburg and livermore at 8 more numerous clouds but comfortable at mid-50s to low 60. my seven-day outlook shows the faster freezes we will have cooler conditions on wednesday and thursday and drizzle both mornings and friday the breeze is tapering, temperatures jump 2-4 degrees and holding steady, and 70s at the cost on sunday and holiday monday, 80s around bay and 90 inland. >> 11 minutes to get between the east bay and san francisco because of the bay bridge with the metering lights turned on, ten minutes ago. we are seeing cars packing their way back to the maze so slow drive out of the east bay toward san francisco. we will take you into the east
5:49 am
bay, eastbound side of highway 24 where we have word there is a jeep open fire. this is coming out of the tunnel into orinda ask the fire is trooping trees so, possibly, we do have some pressure vegetation but the rest of the commute is not affecting wreck traffic. southbound highway 101 is where we had the solo spin wrought and a to truck on the scene and we get that out of way with a little bit slowing south of highway 116 and when you pass through novato you are good to go into marinewood. >> a transit upx-rayed if san rafael, the grand opening today happening today that is making it easier to get to the airport, the ferry and more. >> first, do you seem to get a >> first, do you seem to get a last cloud >> look out, hollywood, apple
5:50 am
could be knocking at your door. >> a look at san francisco sky line and the embarcadero. looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here. wrong! we love yoga and sunshine and stuff. well foster farm's chicken has no added hormones.
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>> officials in el dorado county may is learned the reason two high school football players were hospitalized last week after a game. nick brown and justin schwartz collapsed and brown had to have emergency brain surgery. a student at school was arrested yesterday on drug charges. that was part of an investigation into the collapse. the charges against the teen are for providing narcotics to
5:53 am
another student. watch "good morning america" nor more more more -- for more on the situation much. >> college students are smoking pot more often than cigarettes. researchers say undergraduates would light up regularly responded they are more likely to smoke marijuana than tobacco. the study has been conducted for the last 3 1/2 decades. a possible explanation for the increase is that more and more college students perceive marijuana to be less dangerous than other drugs. >> keeping your weight down in middle age i don't clay the heart of amount disease. researchers followed 1,400 people for 14 years, 142 came down with the dementia, mostly with aheren than normal body mass index by age 50. the heavier sufferers showed symptoms seven months earlier than others. >> there are currently five million americans livering with -- living with a disease which
5:54 am
could rise to 16 million by 2050. >> scientists say less sleep you get the more likely you are to catch a cold the if you sleep less than six hours a night you are four times likely to get sick. democrat -- bring vacation impacts our immune system in a variety of ways and makes your recovery from illness longer. a lack of sleep puts you at higher risk of heart attack and higher risk of heart attack and dulls your mental alert >> it is great when you have bosses that understand that and say, sleep in tomorrow and they understand that. >> here is a look at september. the rest of the country is get cooler, san francisco is bucking the trend, getting warmer. we go from 70 to 72, at 56 to 55, and 48 and 101 are the
5:55 am
extremes. dropping to 63 at game so cooler than last night. low-to-mid 90s through the central valley. 81 in lake tahoe today. yosemite is 93. safe travels. leyla? >> checking the drive time traffic, westbound tracy to dublin is going to take you almost one hour and ten minutes. we have debris pulling in toward this area but it is being cleared. wood debris was causing slowing. highway four antioch to concert was 26 minutes and san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. we will talk about the transbay tube closure happening this weekend through monday. more on that in a few minutes. >> a county clerk in kentucky has refused to issue marriage licenses despite a judge's order to do so. kill davis stopped issuing marriage licenses the day the supreme court localized gay marriage and said issuing a license to a gay couple violates her religious beliefs were the
5:56 am
supreme court denied her request of a stay on an order that she begin issuing licenses to same-sex couples and this only she runed to work but refused to issue licenses saying she was under god moves authority and faces possible fines and potential jail. >> the president of columbia university may have spilled the beans on what the president, president obama, be doing when he leaves the white house the people at the university are buzzing after the president told the freshman class that president obama will return to his alma mater in 2017 the official word from the white house is that the president has always respected column what and wants to continue working with the school but in maps are finalized when the term ends. columbia university's president... >> apple could be on the verge of becoming a major player in show business. >> variety reports the company is in early talks with hollywood executives to produce original video content that could allow the company to rival netflix and
5:57 am
amazon. they did notment on the magazine about the report. apple is looking to launch a streaming tv service and makes hardware and software pore appealing to consumers. >> a cool and less expensive alternative to hotels for those looking to add a special twist to the next twist. >> what tom hanks told california while students pleading for him to come to their homecoming. >> the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. toll plaza. stay
5:58 am
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brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the family's fight for justice, legal action following the murder of kate steinle on pier 14 and what her mother temperatures abc about dealing with the loss. >> and sounding the alarm about
6:00 am
measles a cal student may have spread the virus and what is your best line of defense. >> san jose is serious about represent control and the measure going before the city council that will keep more people in their homes without breaking the bank. >> thanks for join us on the 1st day of september at 6:00. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. and mike? >> it feels more like fog. good morning, everyone, the reason why, the clouds are develop loan the peninsula and pushing across the bay as the patch layer is pack. but it is not a strong marine layer and we hardly see clouds over the bay waters as we look from the exploritorium winds from the west at 12 for the ferry ride. 62 in the 12 hour day planner, and by noon, clouds are back at the cost and sticky there more than yesterday in the mid-60s to upper 70's inland and by the afternoon, were more comfort out there, 66 to 84 and enjoy the evening, 64 to 76. here is leyla. >> we


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